Jobs in Music Education on Long Island:

Center for Community Adjustment (CCA) is part of the Special Education Division of the Nassau BOCES system

Description of School
The Center for Community Adjustment (CCA) is part of the Special Education Division of the Nassau BOCES system.  We serve high school students through the age of twenty-one (21) from throughout Nassau County.  Our regional high school aims to meet the unique learning needs of students who are emotionally, behaviorally, or developmentally disabled to a mild/moderate degree through distinct programs on a closed campus.
Located at 2850 North Jerusalem Road in Wantagh, NY, CCA is comprised of two principal programs that serve students with:
     1.  Psychiatric and emotional needs
     2.  Developmental needs especially autism
CCA utilizes a comprehensive behavior support program that encourages positive choices, recognizes student achievement and supports the school mission to provide specially designed instruction to meet the social-emotional, academic, behavioral and transitional needs of students. Students within our psychiatric and emotional program may participate in a modified curriculum and receive one of three tiers of psychiatric support, which may include medication management. Students with developmental needs also receive counseling support and are provided with a robust vocational curriculum.  
The instructional program is aligned to the New York State Common Core Learning Standards and addresses students’ cognitive levels and learning styles. Students are given the opportunity to earn a New York State Regents diploma or other state approved high school diploma or credential. Students also have the opportunity of earning college credits through a partnership with S.U.N.Y Farmingdale State College.
Job Description:
To be eligible for the position, candidates are required to have a NYS Music certification.  An additional certification in Special Education (7-12) is preferred but is not required.  Special education-related experience is highly desired. Additionally, we seek candidates who can play and provide instruction on a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, bass, percussion, vocals and other instruments as needed.
Like our overall program, our Music curriculum services two distinct populations.  Students with psychiatric and emotional needs receive instruction on conventional rock and roll instruments.  Thus we seek someone whose musical experience is broad and aligns with our curriculum. Assorted groups perform for our school and especially capable students perform at various functions and schools within the entire Nassau BOCES system.  Students with developmental needs also perform for our school.  The curriculum for students in our developmental (or Life Skills Program) is geared towards music appreciation though some evidence aptitude in percussion and vocals.  
Professional Qualities:
We seek a flexible teacher who willingly shares his or her talents yet who knows how to function as part of a focused, well-established team.  Candidates must be dedicated to supporting all students wherever they are on the learning and musicality continuum.  Candidates must also exhibit exceptional maturity and character.  We seek professionals who are encouraging, for example, yet who set healthy boundaries for students who struggle in this area.  
9am – 3pm
Commensurate to other full-time provisional teacher positions in Nassau County.
Additional Information
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