McIver Recording:

Contact: William McIver


95 Spring Road

Scotia, New York 12302

United States

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McIver Recording has been supplying quality recordings since 1972.  We have satisfied clients from Massachusetts to Michigan and Maine to Virginia.

We offer products and services designed primarily for music educators.  Our portfolio includes local, district, state and regional schools, colleges, churches and professional groups. Our expertise in location recording, audio mastering, video production, full color printing and direct distribution allows us to provide outstanding quality to our clients.  From our recording or yours, McIver Recording can provide you with the very best quality and fast turn around. Live concert, festival, session or duplication, contact us for more information.

Every room, from Concert Hall to gymnasium, influences the recording. Mastering is the process of improving the recording by addressing the abnormalities that occur in the concert space. Our mastering suite is a near perfect listening space with a multitude of tools used to sweeten the sound. Sweetening is accomplished in both analog and digital domains using numerous outboard gear.

We do concert video better because we know how to get great sound on a disc. Tired of a view with inaudible sound? Want to see the performers up close and personal? We give you the great view with exceptional sound!