Nassau Music Educators Association: Frequently Asked Questions


  • WHAT IS THE ALL-COUNTY MUSIC FESTIVAL? The All County music festival is an opportunity for students to be rewarded for their individual success on their instrument or voice. All County provides students with the opportunity to play with some of the finest musicians at their age level in Nassau County. Students are chosen based on their NYSSMA scores from the previous school year, as well as teacher recommendation.

  • What is NYSSMA? NYSSMA Stands for the New York State School Music Association. Every Year, NYSSMA hosts festivals during which students perform a solo (or small group ensemble) in front of a judge and receive a score with accompanying comments


To be eligible for All-County, your child or student MUST be nominated by their school music teacher. No exceptions. Teachers are responsible for submitting names for CONSIDERATION by the appropriate due date, following the selection criteria. A child that is nominated for All County may or may not be selected.  All nominations are reviewed  by a committee for final acceptance.  Selection is dependent on NYSSMA score, teacher recommendation, instrument balance, and the repertoire of the ensemble.

  • HOW ARE STUDENTS NOTIFIED IF THEY ARE SELECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ALL-COUNTY FESTIVAL? All accepted students will be notified by their school teacher.  If a student is accepted, he/she will receive a folder with their music and a commitment form.

  • HOW WILL THE ACCEPTED STUDENTS RECEIVE THE CONCERT MUSIC? Students will receive All County Music from their school teacher.

  • WILL THE MUSIC BE COLLECTED UPON COMPLETION OF THE FESTIVAL? Yes, Music will be collected immediately following the ensembles performance.

  • WHAT IS The NMEA ALL-COUNTY FESTIVAL ATTENDANCE POLICY? Attendance is mandatory for the duration of ALL rehearsals.

  • WHAT IS THE DRESS CODE FOR NMEA ALL-COUNTY FESTIVAL PERFORMANCES? All dress code information can be found in students welcome packet.

  • HOW CAN I CONTACT AN NMEA OFFICIAL? Email links can be found on

  • What are the breakdown of Divisions?

Division 1 East is for 5th grade students and includes the following school districts:

Division 1 West is for 5th grade students and includes the following school districts:

Division 2 is for 6th grade students.

Division 3 is for 7th and 8th grade students

Division 4 is for 9th and 10th grade students

Division 5 is for 11th and 12th grade students

  • WHAT IS the NMEA CHAPERONE POLICY FOR ALL-COUNTY REHEARSALS? Chaperones must be accessible in case of an emergency.

  • WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE FOR CONTACTING THE ALL-COUNTY CHAIRPERSONS? Any questions should come from the students teacher.

  • WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE FOR NOTIFICATION OF INCLEMENT WEATHER CANCELLATIONS OR DELAYED START? Please see your welcome packet for information on how to sign up for the REMIND APP.  All emergency notifications will go out via text notification. You can also check our webiste at, or download our NMEA app!

  • Where can I get an All-County sweatshirt or T-shirt? NMEA merchandise can be purchased by students at rehearsal sites and at the Tilles Center concerts in the main lobby.

  • How can I purchase tickets for an All-County concert at the Tilles Center? Students can purchase tickets at the rehearsal site. Division 1 & 2 Students must return ticket envelopes to their designated chairperson, and the opportunity to purchase extra tickets will be one hour prior to the concert, should there be any extra tickets. Extra Tickets for Division 1&2 are not guaranteed.

  • What is the All-County P.E.A.K. Festival?

P.E.A.K. = Parents, Educators, And Kids!  It is our introduction to an All County Festival for our youngest students, 4th Grade!

In the PEAK Division, music teachers may nominate up to 7 students- and as long as all paperwork is received by the deadline, ALL 7 Students are accepted!

Students must prepare the Chorus music in advance, and all other fun musical workshop materials are taught the day of the festival.

Each PEAK Student attends with 1 parent and the nominating music teacher.  All other family members are invited to watch the performance at the end of the Festival day!