Government Relations Corner

The Nassau Music Educators Association Government Relations Coalition (GRC) takes an active role in advocating to our elected officials on music education issues affecting Nassau County. We work closely with the NYSSMA GRC to identify areas in which to focus. The GRC also works to ensure NMEA members understand how education policies are made, and how they might impact music education.

Please visit the NMEA GRC Google Site where you can find the most up to date information, and see below for additional resources.



 Find your Assembly Member:

Find your State Senator:

Know your facts:

NYSSMA Advocacy Page


Sample Script for Starting a Conversation with a Legislature: 

How to start a conversation with a legislator:

Hi, My name is ______ and I
{option a} …am a music teacher and teach in [Assembly Member Name’s] District.


{option b} …am a music teacher and a constituent of [Senator Name].

As a member of Nassau Music Educators Association, I wanted to express a few thoughts
relating to music education.

Music is a vital component to the growth and development of our children and is an integral
part of their well-rounded education as outlined in federal education law.

I hope the [senator/assembly member] will work to ensure that School Districts are funded fully through the state budget so music can
continue to be a point of pride in our district.

Thank you for your time.